From the novice to the most expert fishermen, our Native tour guides will take you to some of the most natural settings on the Waitahanui River. Trout fishing is an important part of everyday living for the local people who have history to the land and are renown for their expertise in the art of trout fishing. Our Guides can take you to the upper reaches of the river, which offers the chance for anglers to get away from the crowds and fish in solitude in a beautiful tranquil setting. The river is the perfect setting to enjoy peace and relax amongst nature while enjoying a spot of fishing.

Escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and retreat to the serene setting on the eastern shores of Lake Taupo in the small settlement of Waitahanui. Waitahanui is located 11 kilometres from Taupo Township and just an hour away from the whakapapa ski fields and the Dual Heritage Tongariro National Park. It is one of New Zealand’s most famous trout fishing destinations. Waitahanui is in the central plateau on the tourism route on State Highway 1 between Auckland and Wellington and is a spot that you must stop into if you want to unwind and take in the scenery. In the summer months Waitahanui offers the perfect summer getaway that will keep the entire family entertained.


The People

For many generations the people of Ngati Tutemohuta have had a connection to the land and are bound together by their culture and a mutual respect in caring for one another. The team from Native Xperience are descendants of the local tribe Ngati Tutemohuta and are wiiling to share this 'Native' style of living with you. Enjoy the day with the locals and you will get to experience a window into our culture and our way of life. We still enjoy the benefits of living off the land by gathering food using traditional methods passed down from our ancestors. You can only get the full experience of our culture by immersing yourself in the land, the river and the people. What are you waiting for? Come & take up the opportunity to have a native experience with Maori people from this generation who are renown for their hospitality.


From the majestic shores of Lake Taupo to the serene setting of the Waitahanui river comes an unforgettable Native Xperience. Immerse yourself in the Maori culture and traditions of local people who have been raised on the land with the knowledge handed down from generation to generation.


Native Xperience gives you the opportunity to enjoy local knowledge and get a better understanding of a Maori way of life from food gathering, traditional medicines, and a chance to enjoy the river with a touch of fishing.


Fishing has been an important way of life in this area for many generations. Our people practiced a variety of fishing methods since the introduction of trout into our waterways. The adaptation from traditional to contemporary fishing methods by our elders has been passed down through the generations and this knowledge is instilled in the new generation who can share their skills and expertise.


Waitahanui is located in the tourist mecca of the Taupo district and is in close proximity to the famous Whakapapa ski field and the Tongariro crossing. Waitahanui River is renowned for its beautifully conditioned Rainbow and Brown trout and its pristine water quality.